Kay Ansah | Host

Kay resides in Canberra as a musician and producer, opening his own recording studio in 2018. Under his alias Citizen Kay, he released his first single YES! in 2013 and followed it the next year with his EP Demokracy which was nominated for Best Urban Album at the ARIAs and Best Independent Hip-Hop Album Release at the AIR Awards. Kay has since recorded a number of other albums and continues to collaborate with Australian musicians as they craft their vision into reality. Through Muse and his passion for music, Kay will have the opportunity to meet with Australia’s leading contemporary artists to provide insights into the industry, creative process and influence music has had on shaping Australia’s culture and identity.


Marcio Souza | Director

Marcio is a multi-faceted Director with a comprehensive knowledge about both the entire video production process having worked with some of Australia’s most trusted brands. He started his career in film and television in 2011. After honing his skills at one of Brazil’s top video production companies, Dogs Can Fly, he moved to Sydney to further develop his craft and complete a Bachelor of Film Production at the SAE Institute. With a strong background in advertising and film production he now seeks to further his career through exploring the creative process of one of his passions – music.


Dylan Simpson | Producer

With an extensive background in advertising and marketing, Dylan has developed a unique set of skills that combines both creative and strategic thinking. As a Creative Strategist, Dylan has delivered direction and project management for a number of high-profile clients across a range of industries and platforms – both nationally and within the Canberra Region. Dylan is an experienced director and producer who works closely with his clients from the conception of an idea to its creation and execution, in a mission to consistently deliver high quality and engaging content. His passion lies in the art of storytelling and discovery, with an irrational desire to understand what makes Australia’s most creative minds tick.


Geoff Ellis | Director of Photography

Geoff has been working in the film and television industry for 25 years, specialising in film and digital photography. During his career, Geoff has worked both nationally and internationally with a variety of directors and crews across a range of genres including drama, documentaries, commercials, lifestyle, reality and corporate productions. He’s received over 25 Australian Cinematography Society Awards in a range of categories with the most recent being a Gold ACS for best dramatised Documentary in addition to receiving an AFTI for Best Cinematography award.